Are Shutters Right For You?

Shutters offer a gorgeous enhancement to the interior or exterior of a house. They allow an additional level of privacy and allow better manipulation of light permeability. Also, serving as a extraordinary companion to fabric top treatment. Shutters are durable investment that can enhance a home’s resale value. Three styles of shutters are available and we will break it down for you.


Plantation Shutters


Plantation shutters are typically associated with the 3 1/2″ and 4 1/2″ shutters.  This style is more common south of the Mason-Dixon line, and in Western United States like Arizona and California (both big shutter states).  Plantation shutters tend to be larger panels, with one shutter panel often covering an opening 36″ and up to 72″ tall. Plantation shutters are the most widely used style to choose from.


Cottage Shutters


Cottage-style shutters are more prevalent on the east coast. They have small louvers and are installed on hinges that attach to the window frame. They resemble the exterior shutters that mount on home exteriors, except they can be opened or closed.


West Coast Plantation


West Coast Plantation shutters are popular in California, and they feature larger panels and louvers than traditional plantation shutters. The shutters have a 4 ½’ louver and 5 ½” louver. This is because most of the windows are five to six feet tall compared to the Midwest where they’re three feet tall.


All shutters come in a variety of materials including: real wood, composite, vinyl and aluminum. Real wood shutters and composite shutters are usually made from medium-density fiberboard covered with polypropylene. People tend to choose composite shutters for durability and real wood shutters for their classic look. Aluminum shutters are very light, which makes them great for large windows where other materials would be too heavy. Vinyl is used for high moisture areas like bathrooms or homes near the coast so they won’t warp.


Be expected to pay about 20-30% more for wood shutters compared to composite, depending on brand and style. Vinyl shutters cost about $20 to $25 per sq ft, and wood shutters price out at $24 to $30 per sq ft. Exotic wood shutters, such as bamboo, will cost $30 to $60 per square foot.

Posted on November 24, 2016 in Design Remodeling

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