Ask your Contractor for Great Whole Home Ideas


Home remodel for retirementYour home is very sentimental to you.  You have lived there for many years and your kids grew up in your home,but now it is time to have your dream home to enjoy for your retirement.   Your contractor can help you with ideas to put together the plan for your new home right where you are.

Architects and contractors are generally focused most on meeting the needs you have stated. But asking them what they would do if it were their house is likely to yield some interesting and thought-provoking suggestions that might otherwise pass you by. Your architect and contractor have seen what works, what is worth changing and what may be worth dropping altogether.

Questions like these will keep you from overspending on superfluous fads and put your money in the places that count in the long term.

Posted on October 9, 2015 in Design Remodeling, Whole House Remodeling

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