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Whole Home Remodel with a Purpose

Remodel with purpose or a change in your life. Do you need to make room for a new member of the family, a baby or an older parent or get the house ready to put it on the market? Or your house is just too small and you want a recreation room or extra bedrooms? Before…

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What Are Your Major House Projects for This Year?

The year 2015 isn’t quite up yet, but New Year’s Eve is starting to creep closer. Now that we’ve made it to the holiday season, time will move even more quickly. If you’re a planner, you’re probably already starting to think about 2016. Specifically, if you have any big ideas for you home next year,…

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Whole Home Remodel

Start Planning Your Remodel Early – It Could Take Longer Than You Think!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could decide to remodel your kitchen, call up a remodeler, and have the crew start work the next day? Unfortunately, life never works out so smoothly. The remodel itself could take weeks or even months to complete, but when trying to time your remodel there are also a lot…

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We Bet You Never Knew You Could Do This With Tiles

Tiles are often an overlooked design option, which can add a lot of beauty, personality, color, and contrast to your room. Whether they are installed on the floor or on walls as a colorful backsplash, the sky is the limit when it comes to tile design. Tiles are usually found in the kitchen and bathroom.…

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Should I Use A “Phased Construction Project” For My Whole-House Makeover?

There are two over-riding factors in making this decision.  The first is your financial situation and financing preferences.  Do you have enough equity in your house to get a home-equity loan large enough to finance the entire project?   Maybe you qualify for a loan large enough to finance the project but you would prefer to…

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Whole Home Renovation vs. Building From Scratch

The one thing you can’t change about your home is its location, which is why many homeowners purchase a home on a plot of land that they like and then proceed to bulldoze the home and start from scratch. Building up a brand new home might be a good idea if the current home on…

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Video – Whole House Renovation in Southlake, Design & Construction by USI

Does Your HOA Love Your Remodel Idea As Much As You Do?

A homeowner’s association (HOA) plays an important role in keeping up the standards of a community to maintain a consistent look and ensure that no poorly managed home lowers the property value of its neighbors. At the same time, most of us have either had uncomfortable run-ins with our HOA or heard horror stories from…

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Love the Location, Hate the House? It’s Time for a Whole House Remodel

The motto of real estate agents everywhere is, “Location, location, location!” That’s because you can change almost everything about your home…except its location. Dallas and Ft. Worth both offer many great places to live, but sometimes the homes on the market are 50 years old or more! They may come with old plumbing, faded walls,…

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Ask your Contractor for Great Whole Home Ideas

  Your home is very sentimental to you.  You have lived there for many years and your kids grew up in your home,but now it is time to have your dream home to enjoy for your retirement.   Your contractor can help you with ideas to put together the plan for your new home right…

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