Should I Use A “Phased Construction Project” For My Whole-House Makeover?

There are two over-riding factors in making this decision.  The first is your financial situation and financing preferences.  Do you have enough equity in your house to get a home-equity loan large enough to finance the entire project?   Maybe you qualify for a loan large enough to finance the project but you would prefer to go with a ‘save-and-pay-cash’ phased approach.

The other big consideration is your tolerance for coping, for an extended period of time, with the inevitable inconveniences that come with home remodeling projects.   Renovation projects can cause a variety of inconveniences from noise, to dust, to altering your house traffic patterns.  If you want to go with a single-phase project but you’re concerned about your annoyance tolerance, consider asking family or close friends if you can stay with them during sub-projects that will be particularly intrusive.  I think a bathroom remodel in a “one bath” house would fall into this category. magazine has a great article ( ) which discusses the pros and cons of both the phased approach and the ‘traditional’ approach of completing all the renovations as one project.  This article also provides solid advice on developing a master plan which covers the details of the phases and a “phasing plan” which ensures that all of the building phases are executed in the most logical order.

In addition to helping you in the design and planning of your whole-house remodel project, USI Design and Remodeling will be happy to recommend you to our preferred lender to help you decide if a phased- construction plan best suits your financing needs.

Posted on March 10, 2016 in Design Remodeling, Whole House Remodeling

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